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File Preparation - Part 2

Digital Retouching
Some images can be greatly improved with a little digital retouching. We charge $2.00 per minute for this service. We can give you a quote when you place your print order. Here is an example of what only 2 minutes of retouching ($4.00) did for the top petal on this Hibiscus flower.

No retouching: After 2 minutes of retouching:
24 x 36 inch unretouched digital print retouched digital print

Here is an example of more extensive retouching, where the background behind the flowers has been blurred, so that it is less distracting, and enhance the flowers. This enhancement took about one hour, and would cost about $125.00:

No ehancement Background blurred to enhance flowers
unenhanced digital print retouched and enhanced digital print

Here is an example of heavy restoration retouching. This type of restoration (removing damage, re-building missing parts, and colorizing) cost about $250.00:

Heavy retouching and photograph restoration

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