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File Preparation

Images From Digital Cameras
All consumer digital cameras produce JPEG (.jpg) image files that range between 200KB and about 1MB. These files can be sent to Big Digital Prints unaltered via email attachment, with your print order. For other delivery methods see Submission Methods

ALWAYS RETAIN A BACK-UP IMAGE FILE(S) of whatever you send to us.

ICC Printer Profiles
If you are serious about color management, and you have a calibrated monitor, then save your files in the Adobe 1998 colorspace, and we will apply our custom ICC profiles to the images as we print. This happens to every image we receive anyway.

Many people ask us for the custom ICC profiles that we use. This is an unecessary request. The idea of downloading a lab's custom ICC profiles and applying them to your file only works for labs that don't apply profiles to images as they print. Because we, by default, apply profiles you don't need to apply any profiles. Simply save in the Adobe RGB 1998 colorspace on a profiled monitor, and we'll do the rest.

In fact, if you were to apply our custom profiles, it would ruin your prints. This would result in double profiling. We would, by default, apply the profile a second time, and the resultant color information would be blown-out and magenta. It is akin to applying a corrective color filter to a lens, and then applying an additional one even though the first one worked.

NOTE: If you do not have a background in digital color management and file preparation, you may wish to use our Bair Art Editions service. Here is a comparison of these two services.

Advanced Digital Camera Image Preparation
If you do have software, i.e. Adobe Photoshop, and the knowledge to use it, you may make those adjustments, corrections, and enhancements yourself. NOTE: Always convert your original image files to a TIFF or Photoshop format BEFORE making your adjustments, so that you do not degrade your image through additional JPEG compression with each saved image adjustment! If you plan to email those adjusted files, please save them in a high-quality JPEG format (in Photoshop, this would be an "8" or higher setting), so as to reduce file size, but retain as much quality as possible (higher-quality JPEG compression will produce no visible artifacts in your printed images). If you plan to mail or hand-deliver these images, save your files in TIFF or Photoshop format (retain all layers).

Some pro-consumer and professional digital cameras have the ability to capture RAW image files with a higher bit depth. You may send us RAW files, but color will then depend on our system, using Adobe Photoshop CS's Raw Converter or other program.

Negatives, Slides, Prints, and Artwork
Big Digital Prints does not scan film or original artwork. See our scanning page for information on how to get your film and art into the digital format so it can be reproduced on archival canvases and watercolor papers.

Retouching, Restoration, Corrections & Enhancements
Our expert technicians at Big Digital Prints will automatically make corrections for incorrect image exposure, bad color or poor contrast. However, if your image needs additional correction, enhancements, restoration or retouching, we can do these at your request for an additional charge of $2.00 per minute. We can give you a quote when you place your print order.

Here are some examples of image enhancements and retouching (with costs).

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