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Step 1: Media Selection

Giclee Canvases

We use 100% cotton bright-white canvas and coat it with a semi-gloss water-resistant varnish. Canvas gives art or photography a "fine art" feel, and it helps to hide pixels from low resolution images.
Giclee Watercolor

We use 100% cotton watercolor paper. The paper has a totally matte finish (no shine) and is textured or smooth. The texture also helps hide pixels from low resolution images.
Semi Gloss/Glossy

These two papers are what most people associate with photo lab prints.
Photo Matte

This paper surface also has a totally matte finish (no shine). Matte surfaces have less saturation and "pop" than glossy papers, but have a more "fine art" feel.

Step 2: Choose your print size

Recommended Maximum Print Sizes From Your Digital Camera
Our expert technicians and special software are capable of making some pretty amazing enlargements (click here for an example of our quality), however, there are limitations. There are maximum print sizes we recommend for each digital camera image.

How "Aspect Ratio" Can Effect the Cropping of Your Images
Most consumer digital cameras record images in a 3 to 4 (3:4) aspect ratio. This height to width ratio matches your television and computer screen's height and width.

As this chart demonstrates, most images must be cropped to fit in standard mattes and frames. You may have us crop the image for you, or maintain the original shape. If you choose the "no cropping" option, your actual image size will be as follows (Red ratios indicate an exact fit):

Print Sizes
4:5 Print Ratio 3:4 Print Ratio 2:3 Print Ratio You may crop your images to any size. We are capable of printing any image that fits within 44 x 96"

Pricing, however, will be based on the smallest "Standard Size" that your image will fit within.

In other words, we can print (for example) a 14 x 23" image, but you would be charged for a 20 x 24" print.

We can then trim your print down to 14 x 24", or we will leave the extra border on if you wish*.
May result in cropping,
check your camera's
aspect ratio to the right
No cropping
film cameras
No cropping
digital cameras:
No cropping
SLR "pro" digital cameras
& 35mm film cameras:
8" x 10" 8 x 10 7.5 x 10 6.7 x 10
11" x 14" 11 x 13.8 10.5 x 14 9.3 x 14
16" x 20" 16 x 20 15 x 20 13.3 x 20
20" x 24" 19.2 x 24 18 x 24 16 x 24
24" x 30" 24 x 30 22.5 x 30 20 x 30
24" x 36" See 24 x 30 24 x 32 24 x 36
30" x 40" 30 x 37.5 30 x 40 26.7 x 40
36" x 48" 36 x 45 36 x 48 32 x 48
40" x 50" 40 x 50 37.5 x 50 33.3 x 50
40" x 60" See 40 x 50 40 x 53.3 40 x 60

*This means that we can also add borders to a print, but you will be charged the end print size, not the end image size.

Image size means the dimensions you want us to print your image. If you want a 16 x 20" without any borders (borderless), the image size is 16 x 20" and the print size is also 16 x 20".

Print Size, or paper size, is the size you want the actual print to be. If you want a border around the image, then the print size will be larger than the image size. For example, you may want a 16 x 20" image with a 2" border all the way around. That results in 4" more paper in each dimension (width and height), and your end print size would be 20 x 24". You would pay of a 20 x 24" print.

Canvas Exception: Because canvases are usually stretched (a service we offer), we include a 1-2" border standard! This means that a 16 x 20" canvas print will have an image size of 16 x 20" and a print size of 20 x 24", and you will be charged for a 16 x 20" print. The costs are built into the price.

Step 3: Choose the number of prints based on our newly updated pricing

Step 5: Submit your file(s) following these instructions

Step 6: Fill out the following order form:

Ordering & Submission Checklist

To submit print orders, fill out this form. If you want more information about any item, click on the "more info" links.

This has been designed as an order form and a checklist providing you an organized method of determining the best way for us to print your order.

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